Zoho Mail Admin App Reviews

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Still stressful!

I was wrong to think this was a major breakthrough for Zoho users. Besides the ‘epic’ red and black welcome, it still doesn’t allow password resets and additional email creations. I wonder when the ‘something went wrong’ pop-up would stop popping up. Please end my frustration!

On-The-Go Admin

Most of the negative reviews are due to a lack of features—which is admittedly true. The Zoho admin app appears to be designed for "on the go" tools in mind rather than a comprehensive feature set; however, even from that point of view the app still probably has a generous estimate of about 3% of the web features. With that said, the app does run fairly smoothly, and there's no harm in downloading it for some quick adjustments.

Broken in iOS11

It used to work to manage users, add aliases etc but after iOS 11 update 11.0.2, selecting user causes app to crash. Crashing App version 1.0.4 released May 12 2017


Pretty pointless. You still have to go into the web interface to add or change any details on users once added. Just use a web browser.

Still a bit primitive.

There are lots of things missing from the app that you have to do from a browser. Hope this continues to get better.

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